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leeandlow submitted to medievalpoc:

The Diversity Gap in the highest grossing science fiction and fantasy films. Sad, right? You can see the full study here.

I highly recommend reading the entire article.

from the infographic:

Among the top 100 domestic grossing films:

  • only 8% of films star a protagonist of color
  • of the 8 protagonists of color, all are men; 6 are played by Will Smith and 1 is a cartoon character (Aladdin)
  • 0% of protagonists are women of color
  • 0% of protagonists are LGBTQ
  • 1% of protagonists are people with a disability

I don’t know if you’d call it ‘sad’.  Most films lose money so companies that produce films determine who their audience is and cast their films so as to attract the widest possible audience.  T’would be nice if they didn’t care about money and so could cast anyone of any race, color, creed, or gender, but the real world won’t let them do that and hope to turn a profit at the same time.

Added to my usual note that economics do not equal ethics, how in any way is it appealing to the “widest possible audience” to feature so prominently only straight white able-bodied men? Everyone else - the majority of any given population - can imagine themselves into these pale dudely hetero protags, but those dudes in the audience can’t imagine themselves into anyone else? In genres NOTED for the audience’s ability to suspend disbelief and accept the astonishing?

I don’t accept it. I do not believe that straight, white, able-bodied, neurotypical men are that limited.

But misandrist sci-fi and fantasy producers apparently do.

Right now, the straight white men who watch science fiction and fantasy are being talked down to and babied because the producers think they really are that incapable. What a terrible thing to do to that section of your audience! Why, if you kept up that insulting charade long enough, those poor gentlemen might be permanently damaged by a lack of empathy and be completely devoid of a sense of the interiority of others and start to think that they’re the only people who count as people.

Imagine that.

A+ commentary



EUROPEANS TAUGHT FOR CENTURIES that Africa had no written history, literature or philosophy (claiming Egypt was other than African). When roughly 1 MILLION manuscripts were found in Timbuktu/Mali covering , according to Reuters “all the fields of human knowledge: law, the sciences, medicine,” IT DID NOT MAKE MAINSTREAM NEWS as did the lies taught by Europeans concerning Africa

Someone asked me to somehow “verify” that this story is real.

Of course it’s real! The PROBLEM with the coverage regarding these manuscripts is that they’re constantly portrayed as being in “danger” because many of them are still in the possession of Malian descendants. About 700,000 have been cataloged so far, and they have had to be moved in part because apparently extremist groups have tried to firebomb them. Many others are still in the possession of the families they have been passed down in.

Some of these collected manuscripts are being housed in exile, but mold and humidity have been a constant threat. They have been raising funds to try and preserve these manuscripts-you can read more about the project to house and protect them here.

A bit of the history of these manuscripts from National Geographic:

These sacred manuscripts covered an array of subjects: astronomy, medicine, mathematics, chemistry, judicial law, government, and Islamic conflict resolution. Islamic study during this period of human history, when the intellectual evolution had stalled in the rest of Europe was growing, evolving, and breaking new ground in the fields of science, mathematics, astronomy, law, and philosophy within the Muslim world.

By the 1300s the “Ambassadors of Peace” centered around the University of Timbuktu created roving scholastic campuses and religious schools of learning that traveled between the cities of Timbuktu, Gao, and Djénné, helping to serve as a model of peaceful governance throughout an often conflict-riddled tribal region.

At its peak, over 25,000 students attended the University of Timbuktu.

By the beginning of the 1600s with the Moroccan invasions from the north, however, the scholars of Timbuktu began to slowly drift away and study elsewhere. As a result, the city’s sacred manuscripts began to fall into disrepair. While Islamic teachings there continued for another 300 years, the biggest decline in scholastic study occurred with the French colonization of present-day Mali in the late 1890s.

So yeah, basically the story of this collection’s source more or less ends with “…but unfortunately, colonialism”, as do most of the great cities of Africa, the Americas, and some parts of Asia.

Also, as an additional consideration:

With the pressures of poverty, a series of droughts, and a tribal Tureg rebellion in Mali that lasted over ten years, the manuscripts continue to disappear into the black market, where they are illegally sold to private and university collections in Europe and the United States.

Notice where the blame is placed here via language use: on the people in poverty forced to sell their treasures, as opposed to the Universities in Europe and the U.S. buying them.

It’s really just another face of Neocolonialism.



Filmmaker, Esther Eng.

Esther Eng was born on September 24, 1914 in San Francisco, California. She was the first female director to direct Chinese-language films in the United States. The majority of Ms. Eng’s films are lost, unfortunately. 

Every single one of Esther Eng’s movies was about women. She was openly lesbian, which did not affect her film-making career because she came from a Chinese opera background in which this was more or less accepted. In the 1950s, she went into the restaurant business and opened five restaurants in Manhattan. She died of cancer at age 55 in 1970. Some highlights of her film-making career:
  • She directed a film in 1937 called “National Heroine” about a Chinese woman fighter pilot who goes to war against Japan and gives her life for the greater good of her country. This was in 1937, folks, and this pilot wasn’t a co-protagonist, she was the heroine.
  • Following up on the success of her war movie, Eng totally changed directions and made two Hong Kong films titled "Ten Thousand Lovers" and "Husband and Wife For One Night". I’m not even sure a woman director in Hollywood today could make movies with those titles.
  • Next she made a film called "Women’s World" consisting of an all-female cast, showcasing women’s success in a variety of different professions.
  • In 1939, she began distributing her films in Central and South America.
  • In 1941, she made "Golden Gate Girl" drawn from her experiences as a Chinese American woman in San Francisco.
  • She made two films in 1949 about inter-cultural and inter-racial relationships: “Too Late For Springtime” was about a Chinese girl’s relationship with a Chinese American GI; and “Mad Love Mad Fire” was a film shot in Hawaii about a mixed race woman and a Chinese sailor.

In April 2013, a documentary about Esther Eng’s life named “Golden Gate Silver Light” premiered at the Hong Kong Film Festival.


(Picture from

MedievalPOC is doing a POC Scientists and Mathematicians week this week! This is a topic I wanted to learn more about anyway, so I thought maybe I could contribute. I noticed that there hasn’t yet been an article about my favorite medieval Chinese astronomer/geologist/mathematician/inventor/poet/diplomat/all-around awesome dude 沈括 (Shen Kuo) (1031 - 1095 AD) Somebody else could probably write a better article than I can, since I’m just a beginner to this topic, but here goes anyway…!

Shen Kuo lived during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), which was a very fertile intellectual period for medieval China. Inventions during the Song Dynasty included gunpowder weapons, the canal pound lock, windmills, movable-type printing, and the compass, as well as great advances in metallurgy and shipbuilding.

During his lifetime, Shen Kuo had his fingers in every imaginable field of learning, making extensive studies of nature and of human inventions while traveling around China as a civil servant, diplomat, and military commander. He’s what Europe would call (four centuries later) a “renaissance man”. ;-) Most of what we know about Shen Kuo comes from an enormous book called the Dream Pool Essays (梦溪笔谈 Mengxi Bitan) that he wrote during his retirement. The whole book is on Project Gutenberg, if you happen to be able to read medieval Chinese. Here’s a few of the highlights:

The compass: Most of us know that the magnetic compass is a Chinese invention, but before the Song dynasty it was mainly used for ritual and fortune-telling purposes. Shen Kuo was the first person to measure the difference between Magnetic North and True North, and by so doing helped make the compass into a reliable navigation aid for Song Dynasty ships.

Geology: During his extensive travels around China, Shen Kuo observed fossilized seashells far inland in Shanxi province, as well as petrified bamboo in Yan’an province, which was too dry for bamboo to grow. He deduced that Shanxi must once have been on the sea, and that northern China must once have been much wetter, and proposed a theory of climate and geological change via erosion, mountain uplift, and soil deposition. He also published quite accurate maps, using a consistent scale, based on his geographical surveys.

Astronomy: Shen Kuo made careful observations of the motions of the planets and the phases of the moon, similar to what Tycho Brahe would do centuries later. To make more accurate measurements, he improved the design of the astronomical instruments used at the time — armilarry sphere, gnomon, sighting tube, and water clock. He accurately described the retrograde motion of the planets, proposed the theory that the moon was a sphere lit by the sun, and explained the mechanism of eclipses. Thanks the accuracy of his measurements, he discovered that the position of the Pole Star and the orbits of the planets had shifted slightly since their measurement 350 years earlier by Yi Xing. (Apparently his political enemies used this to get him into a lot of trouble at court, since Yi Xing was highly respected and criticizing his work was considered unacceptable!)

Archaeology: Speaking of criticizing ancient texts, Shen Kuo carefully dug up ritual artifacts of earlier dynasties and argued that physical evidence of the past should be given more weight than textual records.

Math: He solved a lot of complex problems of trigonometry and circular geometry, inspired by his time in the government and military: the calculation of areas for land tax, the efficient packing of spheres, and the terrain space needed for military formations. He also used combinatorics to calculate the number of possible positions in a Go game, and wrote about the mathematical relationships in music.

Medicine: Shen Kuo showed that the human throat has two openings (the trachea and the esophagus), debunking what was at the time the mainstream theory that there were three openings (for solid, liquid, and air).

Besides science, he also wrote extensive poetry, political treatises, and art criticism, and wrote the earliest known description of movable-type printing, which he tells us was invented by a man named Bi Sheng.

So overall, Shen Kuo had a pretty amazing life, and contributed to many different fields. Today his tomb is a tourist attraction in the city of Hangzhou.

(Most of this information is from Wikipedia.)

Kangin with blonde hair

15/ 100 edits of Kangin

"f(x) is not popular enough, that’s why they doesn’t have a fandom name or solo concert" - Bitches



1- f(x) reaches 5.000.000 followers on their official Line account.


2- f(x)’s 2nd Album “Pink Tape” was on 10th place of the most sold girl group K-Pop albums in 2014, even though it was released on 2013.image

3- f(x)’s “Pink Tape” was the 9th most sold album in Yesasia in 2013, while they were the second best seller girl group (only behind Girls’ Generation) even though they had only one release in the whole year.



4- Their ‘Electric Shock’ MV has 63.000.000+ views on YouTube at SMTOWN’s Official Channel.


5- Their music shows awards:


6- Their 3rd studio album, ‘Red Light’, which was released in 2014.07.07, is Number 3 on Gaon’s July Chart, only behind JYJ and INFINITE.


7- Their ‘Electric Shock’ Music Video was the most views MV for 34 weeks, the most downloaded for 34 weeks AND the most shared on Weibo (popular chinese website) for 34 weeks at YinYueTai (another really popular chinese website).

8- f(x)’s Victoria has 10.000.000+ followers on Weibo, and is considered the 5th most popular celebrity on China that debuted on South Korea.


9- Their 2nd Album, ‘Pink Tape’ was considered one of the Best 41 Albums of 2013 (Worldwide) by Fuse TV, and they were the only K-Pop Artist on the list.


10- They were the first K-Pop artist to perform on SXSW (South by South West) Music Convention, the most populat music convention at USA.

11- Their ‘Red Light’ was the most viewed K-Pop MV in 2014 July, not only in American, but also World-widely, according to Billboard.



And I could post many, many, many more examples that show their popularity, but it would make this post non-ending. 

So the argument ”f(x) is not popular enough, that’s why they doesn’t have a fandom name or solo concert” used by ignorant bitches is officaly invalid. Xoxo.


From what i see, these two (EunHae) people like each other to death — SungMin (Boom the kpop) -  (via duckflyfly)



Strong Chinese Women: Jin Xing

Jin Xing 金星 is China’s most celebrated choreographer and dancer. She is also one of the first few transgender women officially recognised by the Chinese government.

Born in 1967 as a male to ethnic Korean parents in Shenyang, Jin studied in a local elementary school. She was praised as highly intelligent and expressed strong enthusiasm in dance performance and at the age of 9, (s)he joined the entertainment troupe of the army. All the performers had to undertake the PLA’s routine training and young Jin struggled with grenades and machine guns, too big and unwieldy for his slight hands and body. The dance classes were equally harsh, with instructors physically contorting the children’s bodies until they were flexible enough. She would later recall, “In western culture, you’d call it complete child abuse. In China, that’s the culture: you want to be the best? You do it.” Jin eventually attained the rank of colonel.

Jin experienced transsexual desires early in life, saying she would stay outside during rain, and wish that a lightning strike would turn her body female. In 1987, she went to New York to study modern dance for four years, and then traveled and performed in Europe, before teaching dance in Rome from 1991 to 1993 when she returned to China. She underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1996. Her left leg was paralyzed for a while after the surgery but upon recovery she went to Shanghai to do choreography and train students. At the age of 33 she adopted a son. She now lives with her three adopted children and her German husband. 

Jin Xing’s dance works are “startlingly original and provocative”. They include The Imperial Concubine Has Been Drunk for Ages (Guifei zui jiu, an adaptation of a famous Peking opera title) and Cross Border / Crossing the Line (Cong dong dao xi, a co-operation with British pianist Joanna MacGregor).

As transgender role model, Jin is an outspoken and inspiring figure who as she says “is always challenging the boundaries of Chinese society.” With 350,000 fans on Sina Weibo-blog, and an array of regular TV gigs, she’s also a national celebrity, and a symbol of the diversification of popular culture in contemporary China.

For those further interested in Jin Xing, get ready for a real treat in this interview which shows what powerful personality she is.

The Guardian also has a good direct talk with her in this article entitled From Chinese Army Officer to Dancing TV Stardom.


140729 a song for you: drinking together





ANNIE - Official Trailer (2014)

I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a little bit when I saw the trailer.

I’m sooo excited for this… cheese fest and all!

this is so freaking adorable and yes i cried. I can’t wait.


So I’ll probably get slammed for this (because, tumblr) but here goes anyway.  Ask box is open, slam away.

When the original Little Orphan Annie was written, chronologically we were a lot closer to a time where there was a strong bias against Irish people.  By making Annie red haired, it was implied that she was of Irish descent, and by extension, the audience would have inherently known that was part of the bias against her.

Changing Annie’s race to African American replicates this same dynamic in modern society, and that’s a big part of why so many people were upset by it.  A BLACK orphan?!  Nooooooo, keep her white and red haired and cute I DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH HOW THIS IS MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE.

Casting Annie as black in 2014 is a much more true to the original character than casting her as a caucasian red head.




my type of public transportation 

“Why were you late in today?”

“Oh, I got tied up on the subway…”


Zhoumi ALS Ice Bucket Challenge / he nominated Calvin Chen, Exo’s Tao and Taiwanese actor Mike He for the next round (cr)









A sense of humor can make everything better. Sex isn’t like it is in the movies or in porn. There will be strange and weird and awkward sounds, there might be a silly interruption like the cat or a kid… you might knock heads or trip getting undressed. Sex is funny, foreplay is funny and sometimes you need to just laugh. It will keep things from getting awkward! If you take sex too seriously you aren’t truly enjoying it!

Not to mention a sense of humor can be really sexy no matter what your gender identity is!

this comic is literally my favorite thing on tumblr.

i’ve always said if you can’t laugh with the person you’re having sex with while you’re having sex with them you shouldn’t be having sex with them.


My husband once walked up behind me while i was sitting in the living room just watching t.v…and he put his penis on my shoulder and said “hello..”



it worked, but not before I laughed for days.

For that last comment.

I always had a ton of weird funky condoms at my place because I volunteered with Planned Parenthood and did a lot of sex education and sex positive work. I literally had no less than like thirty different types of condoms at a time. So when it came time to grabbing a condom it was a grab bag of WHO KNOWS what you’ll end up with.

Long story short, my boyfriend grabs one, puts it on, heat of the moment type thing, a some point we both look down and see it’s an ELECTRIC GREEN condom. Dead pan he looks me straight in the eye and in his best impression goes “HEY HO. KERMIT DEE FROG HERE.” And I COMPLETELY LOST IT.

On a completely different occasion I said “don’t stop” and he sang ALL of Don’t Stop Believing. All of it. All of it. Right then and there. Without stopping.

Can I add the story about how me and one of my partners had a very enthralling discussion about deserts while I was on top of him?

Or the time my partner’s friends blasted “Eye of the Tiger” through the door and we rocked it out to the beat while quoting the movie?

Story time:

I was with this girl during a trip out to Washington, we’d hung out a few times, and hit it off really well. So we got together one afternoon. Her dorm-mate came home, saw the “Do Not Disturb” sock on her bedroom door and called out “Thrusters to full!”

Not missing a beat the girl and I yelled back “We’re giving it all we’ve got, Captain!” and her roommate started fucking dying outside the door.

Probably should have proposed right on the spot, but whatever.

It got better.




Toph Tuesday!


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